New Hair, Don't Care

I can't believe I'll be in Scotland and England soon! All of my errands are done, which I'm actually impressed by. I thought I'd definitely leave some of those till tomorrow since we don't have to go to the airport until 4:30 (ish) pm. But I've finally sat down and can't imagine getting up again and packing. Everything I could possibly want to bring with me is sitting on my floor, now I just have to pick and choose what stays and what goes (the hardest part). So in order to keep procrastinating, I thought I'd share my new hair with you all. This picture doesn't even do the color justice, it's the most subtle and natural ombré ever, and we cut the length keeping in mind how short it will be when it is curled. I'm so happy with it! I got a lot off and it is much healthier and thicker, but it doesn't look like "short" hair. Props to my hairstylist Victoria, who somehow still puts up with me after all these years, despite my neuroses. Alright, guess I'll go watch episodes of Pretty Little Liars while I pack so I can trick myself into getting it done.

P.S. Went with Essie's Geranium for my mani and pedi, feel like it's summery but still classic, perfect for the vibe over there.


  1. Where did you have your color done? It looks amazing!!!

  2. Victoria at Walden Spa in Ohio, she is literally the best! Always seems to understand exactly what I want.


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