Italia! : Venenzia

I'll admit, when discussing the itinerary for the trip and trying to figure out if we were squeezing too much in, I volunteered Venice for the axe. I'd heard it smelled and I'd heard the food wasn't very good and while I knew it was someplace I really wanted to see, I also knew that sometimes you can't see it all. But what a pleasant surprise it was! Our hotel was adorable and just out of the way of the hustle and bustle of tourists. The first night it rained {which actually made Venice so quaint} and we went to one of the best restaurants of the entire trip recommended to us by our hotel. Our waiter, a nice guy around my age, told us which bar to go to after to watch the Italy game and proceeded to be ever the gentlemen and walked my sister and I back to our hotel when the night ended. The next day was beautiful and refreshing in San Marco Square and my family had one of our favorite pizzas of the trip. I'm so glad we didn't nix our little two day trip to Venice!

I had to show our sexy hotel room!


Italia! : Outfitted

As I've gotten older and become a more experienced traveler, the concept of bringing items I can wear many different ways and that are special due to subtle details has become way more appealing. Oh, how my priorities have shifted. In high school and college a clothing item had to BRING IT and months had to pass before it could ever be worn again. Same went when traveling - even pants could only be worn once. I was a fool. Now I revel in pieces that seem to go with everything and feel loved and timeless and become sort of a like a signature item, at least for the season. Here is what I wore in heavy rotation in Italy and I think it acts as a good guide for what to bring on any extended trip. Sure, I brought some special tops and dresses for the evening {mainly bought and wore while away}, but otherwise everything I brought was easy and breezy.


{JCrew Linen Tank | Old Navy Crinkle-Chiffon Maxi Skirt | Gap 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jean | JCrew Tulle Underwire Tank Bathing Suit | Gap Stripe Strappy Fit + Flare Dress | Gap Drapey Tencel® Pants | JCrew Side-slit Tunic | Old Navy Crinkle Gauze Maxi Dress}

Sweet dresses, comfy tanks and tees, drawstring pants and boyfriend jeans, and chiffon skirts that can go from day to night - {kisses fingers} perfecto!
{Image via Cuyana}


Italia! : What I Listened To

Despite the beautiful surroundings, delicious food, and cute outfits, sometimes the last thing I wanted to do while I was in Italy was get ready for another night out. Whenever I felt like this and wanted to kick myself for being a spoiled brat, I put on some music. Here is my Italy jams/summer playlist for your Sunday perusal...

Wayyy too much Iggy Azelea.

Not even ashamed...

Obligatory The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack/trailer music.

You know it's a popular song when you hear it all over in Europe...

A little Miley. #Donthateappreciate.

Have loved Sia's music for so long and this music video is insane in the best way.

And last, but certainly not least, it's my girl, Bey.

A little more "Top 100" for me than usual, but I feel that is always the case for summer. Have a lovely day!


Italia! : Roma

Roma, Roma, Roma. I would have enjoyed you so much more if you weren't so hot, hot, hot. Mid to high nineties in a city full of tourists running around trying to see everything you're supposed to see is kind of my worst nightmare. Once I figured out to wear the bare minimum/my least favorite outfits, no makeup, and just a general lack of fucks given, I did my best to ignore it and see what I came to see and enjoy the food!

Drinks before our flight!

Pizza for breakfast in front of the Pantheon.

The cute little courtyard at our hotel.

P.S. I just realized I hardly took any pictures of my food on this trip! This is probably because it looked so good I simply inhaled my food the second the plate hit the table. Woops. 


One Year-ish Blog Anniversary + Turning 24

After a few days of doing absolutely nothing {taking a vacation from my vacation}, I'm ready to hit the ground running again. But before we get back to the previously mentioned programing, I want to have a little chit chat. I've done this several times and I'm embarrassed by that. It's not always smooth sailing on here, that I know. Recently my blog's one year anniversary came and went and part of me was like, I must dedicate a post to this and another part of me was like, why? What have I accomplished? Very little. I'm not okay with that and I'm okay with that because if I'm being completely honest, I'm just impressed with myself that I am still blogging somewhat consistently at all. Maybe this first year was about getting my feet wet, trying out different ways to go about this and now I can decide where to go from here. My goals have always been the same, I'd love to work in a somewhat creative field, while managing this blog, and trying to become a published author. I usually only focus on one of those things at a time though {sometimes it's necessary, sometimes it's laziness}, but I've realized if I want the life I want, I need to wake up a little? I just turned 24, for goodness sake. Each aspect of what I want I must treat like a full time job. And while I've said it every year, this year really has to be my year, because otherwise I may as well give up, buy a lot of cats, and call it a day. I kid, I kid, just having a bit of a pre-quarter-life crisis and I'm being dramatic. But seriously, I'm going to be trying to dedicate a little more oomph to this blog since I have some experience to go on. I'm watching my words though because I don't want another post explaining, really to myself, why previous post is now null and void. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut for once and show, not tell?

I have several Italy posts I have running around in my head, a few of which will hopefully make it out of the gate. If all end up being posted, I apologize in advance and once I get it all out of my system things will get back to normal {or not normal? if all goes as planned...}.

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