It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Just a warning, almost every post from here on out is probably going to have to do with fall in someway shape or form. I can't help myself even if I tried. And trust me, I'm not trying. Because like every blogger/basic bish out there, I love me some fall. One thing I love almost as much more than the weather, the clothes, the makeup, is fall television. The return of your favorites that left you hanging off of a cliff, the new hopefuls that'll get you hooked {and heartbroken when they're canceled}...ahhh, it truly is the best time of year {a statement I will go on to make about Halloween and Christmas, but shhh}. I also get to be doing my other favorite thing when watching fall television which is sitting on my couch in a cozy sweater, comfy sweatpants, and fuzzy socks. I'll go all out sometimes and have a warm drink like hot chocolate or cider, or even red wine sitting by my side, a fire or at the very least a candle burning, a cocoon of my favorite blanket to burrow into when it all just becomes too much. So without further ado {really, I could keep going}, here are the shows I can't wait to come back and the ones I'm looking forward to begin.

  • The Mindy Project  - Back tonight at 9:30 on Fox! I am so glad this show got renewed because I'm convinced aspects of Mindy Lahiri/Kaling is based off an exaggerated version of myself. And Dannyyy, my crush on you grows with every episode. 
  • New Girl - Also back tonight on Fox at 9:00 pm, this silly show has me giggling every single episode.
  • Sleepy Hollow - This may be the show I am most excited to come back September 22nd at 9 pm on Fox. I just love everything about it. #Nerdalert.
  • Nashville - The music always has me coming back for more, especially the character Scarlett O'Connor, her voice is to die for. Tune in September 24th at 10 pm on ABC!
  • Scandal - I can't wait for another round of will they, won't they with Liv and Fitz come September 25th at 9 pm on ABC!
  • Reign - This had to be my favorite show to premiere last fall. It had everything I wanted, which basically equates to Gossip Girl meets Game of Thrones. I'm watching is slowly though, since it makes me nervous that from history we know the two main characters don't get a happily ever after. My bet is the show makes him fake his death or her capture and they find each other years later. Guess we have to just keep watching starting October 2nd at 9 pm on the CW to see how it pans out.
  • The Originals - Phoebe Tonkin is my spirit animal. Not only is she an awesome actress, but she is just sooo pretty...and you know, the show itself is a pretty fun guilty pleasure that premieres October 6th at 8 pm on the CW.
New this fall...
  • Forever - I like the idea behind this show, just a regular guy {supposedly} who keeps coming back to life every time he dies and through working as a medical examiner is trying figure out why. Check it out September 23rd at 10 pm on ABC.
  • How to Get Away With Murder - Coming to us after the season premieres of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal September 25th at 10 pm, is another heart pounding {and wrenching}, twisted show from Shonda Rhimes. Like the other two it may take me awhile to tune in, but once I do I'll be hooked.
  • Selfie - I just love the concept so much, a modern retelling of My Fair Lady in which a product of our social media obsessed generation who uses friend requests and likes to validate herself gets back in touch with what really matters. Coming to a television near you September 30th at 8 pm on ABC!
  • A to Z - I can't say no to a show that involves fate. Whatever, I'm a sucker. Tune in October 2nd at 9:30 pm on NBC!
Here's to planting our butts in front of the television where they belong! Ha, I kid. I'll make sure to go on a hike or something. Maybe.
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Italia! : Firenze

Believe it or not, it's been like pulling teeth trying to get these last three posts for the Italia! series. I guess because before September even hit I was in fall mode, so as much as I loved this summer vacation, my heart was somewhere else. How I can even be typing those words, I don't know - but it's fall, nothing beats it! So here we are, finally. Florence. I was really looking forward to Florence and was convinced it would be the city I loved the most. I think I hyped it up too much. I loved it, certainly, but not anymore than the other places we had been. The shopping was on point of course, which is what we spent most of our time doing! Don't worry, there will be a post with everything I bought. One day though we took a break from the city and headed into Tuscany and went to a cute market in the town square and drove through the vineyards. It was in Florence that we spent my birthday, but it was one of the last nights of the trip and I was so exhausted I was ready for bed early {that's old age for ya}.

Our first night in Florence.

Could this hotel be any cooler?

Basilica di Santa Maria del Flore {Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower}/Il Duomo di Firenze.

The cutest café open late for all my late night crêpes!

The vineyards in Tuscany.

A little blurry - but love those ceilings.

Guess who.

The Italy you see in the movies.

Couldn't take enough pictures of the Duomo, obviously.


2014 Emmy Awards

This is over a week after the fact, but I always do a post about my favorite dresses after an award show and it is sort of the only consistent thing about this blog sometimes so let's just keep it rolling. I only watched the red carpet and the opening and then wandered up to bed. I make some allowances on Sunday nights because I don't actually have to go into work Mondays {but still have to get things done} but anything that goes past 10 pm on a weekday night I'm not down with. It also felt like this award show came sooo early. Honestly for all my excitement for fall, I wasn't quite ready for it. My sentiments are the same for the dresses worn at the Emmy Awards. It seemed like no one was quite ready to bring it for award season. I'm not really into bashing here {though I will mention if I loved something had they only done this or that differently - constructive criticism if you will} so it'll just be my few favorites here.

I think Allison Williams in Giambatista Valli may be my best dressed. She stayed true to her classic taste, but with an elegant, fun twist.

Sarah Hyland in Christian Siriano has this whole modern princess vibe that I love. And those brows and top knot are just perfection.

Ariel Winter in Black Halo Eve is cool and age appropriate - and mixing casual stripes and a gown may be the best idea ever.

P.S. Sorry I've been more MIA than usual lately - life, ya know? But I'm trying to post on here at least once a week and soon because of schedule changes maybe a little more? I have so many fall posts {of course} in my head, but I still have to finish putting up Italy posts! 

{Images via Hollywood Life}


Italia! : Accessorizing Simply

When I returned home from Scotland and England last year I made a list of things to remember next time I'm away on a long trip overseas. One of those things was bringing simpler jewelry with me. Last summer I feel was the beginning of the end when it came to statement jewelry. Not that people will stop buying and wearing statement jewelry, but for a couple years beforehand everyone was wearing a statement necklace or bracelets or earrings no matter what they wore. At the same time last summer I feel like layered, personalized, simple jewelry was beginning to become popular. While I think there are certain outfits that need statement pieces, I have always been drawn to daintier things. So with very few exceptions, all I want to wear lately is delicate silver and gold jewelry. Even though I've been craving this for a while, my collection has remained limited until now. For my birthday I went hog wild. And then I got a few more pieces afterwards. And you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be getting more for fall {I think I'm slacking on rings...how can I be slacking on rings?!}. My motivation to finally bite the bullet was wanting jewelry that paired seamlessly together and went with almost all my outfits that I brought to Italy. The goal was to look chic and "done" {as opposed to feeling undone when I wear no jewelry}, but not have to lug a bunch of statement jewelry around and agonize over what goes with what. I'm just not about that life no mo'.
{Just noticed there is no silver in these images and that's my favorite to layer both - woops!}

The great thing about simple jewelry is there is such a range price wise. I recommend indulging in the real deal {i.e. super expensive} when it is either a} a forever and ever classic, b} wildly unique, or c} extremely personal. Otherwise you can find some quality but less expensive options at the places I've listed below. And if it does tarnishe or gets lost {very likely considering it's diminutive size}, it's next to nothing to replace!

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Italia! : Portofino + Cinque Terre

The best part about having a car was getting to go for day trips or make a pit stop along the way to our next destination. While we were in Sestri Levante that meant Portofino and Cinque Terre. The drive to Portofino was stunning and Portofino itself was adorable and quaint, filled with designer shops like Chanel, Dior, and Gucci. I had another amazing pizza there, but horrible service {to be fair, there was a major rush when we were seated but the waiter clearly forgot to put in our order}. Cinque Terre is even more beautiful than the pictures you see everywhere. We did the hike, which was a bitch at the beginning because of all the stairs going up. It did provide some beautiful views though and of course my family did it in record time. Personally, I would have rather used the time to go to another town or two, but I know for some people this would be something really impressive to say you did.

Not too many pictures from Portofino because it's so little.

Starting the hike in Monterosso al Mare. Don't worry beach, we'll be back for you!

The views on our hike were too good.

Vernazza, finally!

Saying goodbye too soon.

That water though, right?